/扒炉 Griddle

型号  ATMG-36
尺寸 36×28.6×15.2
燃烧器数量 3个
控制方式 独立燃烧器
燃气种类 NG LP
进气管压力 4 10
单件发热量 30000 30000
总发热量 90000 90000
喷嘴号 #37 #51
净重 231.5



◆精选高品质不锈钢材质, 坚固耐用、耐腐蚀、易清洁







Stailess steel structure , durable material, Corrosion – resistant and easy to wash.

Simple and resonable structure , easy to manipulate and maintain.

High efficient stailess steel burner, pilot standby

Thick grill, with excellent heat storage performance and evenly heating

Independently manual control to save the energy.

Adjustable stailess steel stand


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